February 4, 2023

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NANTA is a unique and entertaining satire Korean cooking show. It’s super fun and because it is non-verbal, it’s fun for everyone whether you speak Korean or not. Have fun in virtual reality and immerse yourself in a fantasy world.

Museums in Hue that you shouldn’t miss Coming to Hue, you visit a land full of cultural values displayed across the city. The city itself is a vast and lively museum to visit. However, if you expect a guide to the museums like others in typical definition, the five bellowed are worth your visit. After we paid, the older front-desk gentleman nonchalantly asked if we wanted some girls. We replied no thanks, to which he looked sincerely confused, raising one bushy grey eyebrow. He didn’t seem to understand why three young guys would come to 홍대가라오케 on a Saturday night without wanting some girls.

The most loved aspect of the hotel is the epic views that can be had from the big bathtubs. This is a fashionable stay that also feels comfortable and cozy has some European vibes. Sit beneath the beautiful chandeliers and look out through the expansive windows to see the city.

If you are interested in Korean culture and history, I recommend getting off at these subway stations and looking around. Before coffee made it over to Korea, tea houses were the place where business meetings and dates alike took place. They’re harder to find, but if you head over to the traditional neighborhood, Insadong, you’ll find plenty. After long binges out on the town, most nights tumble into a screeching climax at a noraebang, where you can sing your heart out until someone’s ears bleed. The monster song books are normally filled with thousands of songs in Korean and English .

Myeongdong is often crowded since it’s also filled with restaurants, bars, karaoke rooms, and coffee shops, but most stores keep hours between approximately 11 a.m. Bring a mix of cash and cards, as the smaller vendors may only accept cash . If you’re visiting or living in Korea, it’s inevitable that you, at some point, will find yourself at a noraebang, or Korean-style karaoke room. Hugely popular among Koreans of all ages, these private singing rooms are essentially a part of Korean life.

And, in Seoul, there is a party for every type, for every occasion, on every day of the week. So pick your poison and brace yourself—a night out in South Korea goes ‘til sun-up and is conducted in cha, or rounds hopping from establishment to establishment. Home to Hongik University Seoul Campus, Hongdae caters to younger crowds and up-and-coming artists. The main draw to the area is Hongdae Shopping Street, favored for its cache of bargains and outdoor stage performances.

Look for a neon sign with a microphone or musical symbol and chances are, you’ve hit the right note. When you are going out for karaoke, double check to make sure you are not walking into the wrong type. A small number on the monitor will indicate how many minutes you have remaining. When your time is almost up, you may notice that you suddenly have 20 or so extra minutes. This is what Koreans refer to as seo-bi-suh (taken from the English term “service”), which is essentially a product or service provided to a customer free of charge. For South Koreans, drinking is an indispensable part of socializing and bonding with everyone from your friends to your boss.

And don’t miss a visit to Side Note Club on the 15th floor. The rooftop bar and lounge overlooks Hongdae and hosts some excellent events with live music. One of the chicest hotels in the area is Ryse, Autograph Collection. This stylish stay has an amazing staff and beautiful style and design from top to bottom.

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