August 13, 2022

Creativity Blocked? An Artist’s Apologise to Johnyne Barber – Part II

The Grove Square Galleries is one of Brisbane’s most impressive art collections. All the major works and the rare work of artists are worth investing in. The business is a private investment firm and has been operating since 1989, serving both the public and private sector.

The contemporary art gallery is managed by Jon Shuttlegrass an Australian entrepreneur and art dealer. The work of art collection ranges from abstract to sophisticated decorative arts to photographic works to sculptures. The businesses advisory service gives you full assistance and recommendations on where to buy art works from the various Artists and Galleries. The recommendation and advisory service of Grove Square Galleries are one of its major strengths.

The business premises are located at the corner of George Street and Johnston Road, Brisbane Australia. You can get in touch with them by phone or email to place your order for paintings and other works of art. You may also visit their website to find out more about the gallery’s private collection as well as individual Artists. You can place online orders directly from their website. In addition, the business has regular solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, as well as networking events, which are open to the public.

The business aims at building strong and long-lasting professional relationship with leading independent artists and galleries throughout the world.

The business is collaborating with leading Queensland artists to present innovative projects and artistic exhibitions. These projects are presented to art enthusiasts and to general public through various means, including corporate partnerships, major events, conferences and studio visits. They are in partnership with major companies and organisations in the building industry and provide state-of-the-art facilities to suit the evolving needs of contemporary art lovers. The business is also collaborating with leading retailers and distributors, who are providing retail and wholesale business opportunities to Artists. The company aims at building long term professional and personal rapport with its Artist Sponsors, thereby enhancing the business and enhancing artist careers.

The Gallery is pleased to announce the collaboration with Brisbane boutique accommodation group, which will enable it to expand into a full-fledged Galleria. The new Galleria will feature an exhibit space and a retail unit on the ground floor, whilst the second floor will be dedicated to Gallery Retail. This landmark event is planned to create a strong synergy between the Gallery and these leading Brisbane retailers and distributors. The Galleria will complement existing Grove Square Galleries, which has successfully integrated retail with public gallery space for contemporary art collections. The new location will enable the Gallery to further strengthen its relationship with these dynamic organisations, whilst driving innovation and growth into its art strategy.

Brisbane-based artist’s artist Peter Fox is the brains behind this venture and is already well known for his exhibition work at the Gallery, Brisbane. This is the first major investment by an established collectors’ gallery in Brisbane and is part of a plan by the Gallery to build on its reputation and build upon its status as one of the leading contemporary art gallery in Brisbane. This exciting opportunity to collaborate with one of the country’s leading contemporary art gallery owners will allow the Gallery to broaden its client base, offer state-of-the-art exhibitions and retail space and increase its global presence. In this way, The Grove Square Galleries will be showcasing new works from some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists.

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