February 4, 2023

Ethernet Analyzer for a Complete Network Performance Analysis

Flowcollector by Netgate (v.3.0) – is an industry leading network data analyzer for the purpose of configuration, performance monitoring, and policy-managed flow collection. A fully featured Flow Collector with Network Data Analyzer (NFMA) – is an ideal solution for the whole range of enterprise network traffic management applications, for both central management and application deployment. Both NNFMA and non-NFMA Fibre Channel network devices can be managed with the one single software program. For more information on the latest product listings and download information, please visit our web site.

Dual Functional Systems – With the innovative technology of modern day routers and switches, it has become extremely easy to combine different network monitoring tools and utilities. You can easily run more than one Network Data Analyzer from one software application. Thus you will be able to run two or more Network Monitoring Software applications simultaneously without any interference from other applications. This helps you save both money and time. Thus the new trend of Dual Functional Systems are making the networking industry adopt this new technology.

The best thing about this particular network data analyzer is that it works well with most of the networking devices available in the market today like Coax, Fiber, SFP, iSCSI, USB, Fibre Channel, iPAQ, ATM, etc. The advanced version of this software has been developed especially for Netflow/IP packets and not with the traditional IP packets. The latest technology based on the latest technology makes the NFA series a unique product in the field of network monitoring. It offers extremely fast performance with high level of accuracy.

The entire working system is based on the latest standards and regulations of Ethernet. The Ethernet performance analysis tool is an ideal solution for all kinds of packet flow measurement and performance analysis. This software can be used for a number of purposes including Traffic generation, loss prevention, loss control, recovery, security management and monitoring of network traffic. If you are looking for an ideal tool for Ethernet performance measurement, then you should definitely consider using the NFA series of Ethernet monitor software. This brand has made an outstanding start in the highly competitive field of network monitoring and performance analysis tools.

The Ethernet Analyzer is available in three versions and comes with an optional decode module powered by the Cisco Technology Partner (TTP) and a port device adapter. It also comes with detailed information about the Ethernet transport protocol used for the in-services packet flow measurement. With this optional decode module, you can also perform protocol analysis and troubleshooting by sending different probes to different routers. You can store up to five probes on each device and use them for maximum efficiency. This is orlando for improve your data analytic ideas.

A frame relay measurement method is used for Ethernet measurement and analysis purposes. It involves sending a single probe to each router through the in-services mode. You can send one frame at a time and get the results with the help of the frame relay measurement timer. Timer based Ethernet performance monitoring is very useful for network traffic management. It helps you detect any packet loss and resolve it with immediate effect.

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