December 1, 2021

MacBook Air – Is it Really Worth Having the Extra Power?

Last year Apple refreshed their highly popular MacBook Pro and, to say the least, they didn’t do too well. Apple has a whole array of problems when it comes to making computers. The MacBook Air may have been doomed from the start but, luckily, the company listened to their fans and removed some of the things that irritated people most about the MacBook Pro. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, take a look at what Apple has come up with for the MacBook Air. Here’s my advice to you: if you’re not looking for the greatest laptop around, then forget about it.

One problem people had with the old MacBook Pro was the fact that it didn’t have USB-C ports. Sure, the USB port is great and all, but it’s not going to be very helpful if you need to charge your laptop. That’s why Apple eliminated the USB ports on the MacBook Air to make it more energy efficient and less troublesome to charge. If you need to charge your laptop, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Click here for more information about bestbezellessmonitor.

The MacBook Air’s biggest problem, and the one reason it wasn’t as successful as hoped, was the fact that it didn’t have an upgrade path for future upgrades. Apple simply doesn’t have any plans for the future yet for MacBook Air buyers. If they ever do add support for USB-C, it will probably only be through the purchase and sale of a new MacBook Air later in the future. Until then, you will have to find a USB-C adapter for your computer or buy an external battery.

In terms of RAM, the new MacBook Air comes with only two ports – two USBs and a headphone jack. This may seem like a good thing, except you’ll notice that your laptop starts to slow down once it runs out of this last bit of RAM. You can upgrade to a faster processor after the first two months, but for most people, the two gigabytess of RAM will be fine for them.

Up until recently, the MacBook Air was only available in either black or gray – no color options. This was okay at the time, because color had nothing to do with functionality. However, Apple has now introduced a few new additions to the MacBook Air, including a new ten inch, five pounds, eighteen kbps Touch ID fingerprint sensor. With this new addition, and the new four thunderbolt 3 ports, the overall appeal of the MacBook Air has greatly improved.

While the battery life is still mediocre, at least it lasts long enough for you to get over using the MacBook Pro for long periods of time. The two gigabytes of RAM is more than sufficient for standard usage on the MacBook Pro, especially if you never use the larger, higher-resolution displays found on the MacBook Pro. Even if you do use the higher resolution displays, the battery life of the MacBook Air should suffice. The larger, thinner screen and larger battery are also nice additions to an already great machine.

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