May 28, 2023

Mykonos bus timetable 2023 – Villa Aglaia, Mavrata, Kefalonia

The bus will then make several stops until the final destination, either in Argostoli or Lixouri, Kefalonia. Make sure to communicate with the bus driver and confirm your final destination. You are right, it looks as if they don’t offer that bus in late September.

A large island like Kefalonia is not suitable to drive around by scooter, car is definitely preferable. But if you only are going to see the surrounding neighbourhood where you stay, like around Lassi or Skala, then a scooter is a good way to explore the area. But to see the whole island with a scooter can be quite exhausting. Scooter and car rental places are available in all tourist resorts.

There is also a special 3-day tourist ticket that includes a 3-day pass for all public transport plus a 2-way ticket to the airport. You can also issue your card online if you follow the instructions on the official site. Both areas are connected to Argostoli by public buses on a daily basis, with the routes being more frequent during the high season. Find more information here

Argostoli is connected by bus to most areas of the island, so depending on where your accommodation is located, you can board the corresponding bus. mykonos bus timetable 2023 run daily between the airport and Argostoli, the capital of the island. The bus terminates at the central bus station, from where you can board another bus depending on where your accommodation is located. The bus will travel from Athens either to a port in Patras or Killini (either one, it doesn’t matter), then you and the bus will board the ferry.

The Kifisou bus station is the central KTEL Bus Station at Kifisou Avenue. The bus from the Athens airport will take about 1 hour to reach the Kifisou bus station. On the plus side is also that the cost for local buses on Kefalonia is inexpensive compared to a high season rated car. You can look out of the window and watch the island go by instead of being concentrated on the road.

To give a measure of the times, consider that the train ride from Athens to Thessaloniki is roughly 4 hours. When going to the port to get your ferry, it’s good policy to arrive an hour or so in advance. If it’s a conventional car-and-passenger ferry, two hours in advance might be better, especially if you plan to take your car onboard.

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