March 26, 2023

The 12 Best Nursing Bras Tested by Real Moms

It’s easy to nurse in (hello, quick-release clips!) and lightly padded for a supportive fit. They can be fine for some women, but when they’re just not enough support, there’s an alternative. This layering nursing tank from Undercover Mama isn’t really a tank top at all. Instead, it’s a long, stretchy strapless shirt that easily attaches to the top of your best nursing bra with elastic bands.

It provides moderate support, but may not be enough for larger breasts. Additionally, while our tester loved the discreet access that the clips on both sides provide, there are limited ways to adjust this bra. The lack of strap adjusters limits the size range, but there is a three-pronged back closure to adjust the back circumference.

I also interviewed the bra designers at Cake Maternity and Hotmilk to better understand the design functionalities built into some of our favorite bras. “”Kindred Bravely’s French terry sleep bra is great for lounging/sleeping, and their sublime bra is great for every day/out of the house wear.”” This bra, like all Kindred Bravely bras, comes in “”busty”” and “”regular”” sizes; make sure to check the size chart to see which one works best for you. “”My go-to is Bravado seamless. I’m around 32H, and these are really comfortable and fit well. Just check the size guide on their website.”” Bras without snap fronts are usually designed with crossover soft cups so you can easily slip one of them down to allow your child to nurse. However, besides the fact that some people might find this to be a pricey choice for a single bra, some reviewers noted that the higher arm holes could be irritating.

If you want to wear an underwire one, ensure the one you buy doesn’t put pressure on your breasts. A woman’s bust size tends to increase considerably during the period of pregnancy and thereafter. Cotton Bra cups that enclose the sensitive tissues completely are the full coverage ones. Two key uses of this generous closure it that secures the busts in place Eliminates the discomfort of spillage.

Apart from this, the broad shoulder straps with adjustable sliders and the ample back fasteners help in bearing the heaviness of the busts. Go for a wireless nursing bra during pregnancy to get relief from the underwire. During pregnancy, you might face a lot of skin issues due to hormonal changes.

Wire-free bras are often softer and more comfortable, which is great when you may be awake and asleep at all hours of the day and night. If you feel more comfortable in an underwire bra, make the transition slowly by wearing it for a few hours a day until you can build up to longer stretches. The goal is to avoid a tight bra or have the underwire push against a duct, leading to a clog or infection. Mastitis is most common in the first six months of breastfeeding, so if you’re past that milestone, an underwire bra may be fine.

We relied on online reviews to evaluate the durability of each bra, and balanced existing overall evaluations of the bras with our testers’ experience and opinions when determining our picks. Our panelists will continue to wear our picks to see how they hold up over time. “Having a nursing bra that fits and looks good can help you feel more like your pre-baby self,” she says. Here are six tips to keep in mind when stocking your underwear drawer with new nursing bras.

After wearing it for over eight hours, the signs of wear and tear were obvious. For short-term use, however, we still love this one for its stretch and seamless comfortable fit and think it’s inexpensive enough to stock up on a few to have on hand. Moving between nursing and pumping is much easier with a bra that can easily accommodate both.

It combines that popular design with the stretchy cotton-modal fabric of its hands-free pumping bra but with a little more compression to hold the milk collection cups securely in place. And like its hands-free pumping bra, this one holds up really well through the laundry without pilling, sagging or shedding threads. It’s wireless and made with soft, ribbed cotton and modal blend that is Oeko-Tex certified. It’s fine to buy a nursing bra before you deliver, but if possible, wait until near the end of your pregnancy. At that point, your body will have grown, but be prepared for your breasts to get bigger once your milk comes in.

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