December 1, 2021

Types of Community Service

Community Service is paid for work performed either by an individual or a group of individuals for the betterment and benefit of the community. Community service can be performed on a voluntary basis or can be mandatory depending upon the situation. The voluntary category of community service includes work in the non-profit sector, social work and health, education and other public works like building schools and providing recreational facilities for the general public.

The voluntary category of service however is very different from the work performed in the voluntary categories as it is not done on a free-will basis but is performed for a particular purpose. For example, volunteer doctors are called upon to assist the people of a certain country if they are unable to attend their own doctor and hence require medical assistance. The medical assistance comes under the category of voluntary service, since the doctor is performing a public service.

The other category of community service is what is commonly referred to as “volunteer work.” In this category the individual performing the work for the community is known as a volunteer. Such activities include teaching children, teaching at night schools or at colleges, and working in a domestic organization. The work is performed for free and no money is received.

Another category of community service that is commonly known is the civil service work. The civil service category is subdivided into many subcategories. The most common category of this category is the employment category, which includes jobs such as civil servant, police officer, fireman, teacher, social worker, nurse, etc.

The other category is the social work category. In this category, the tasks performed are related to social and psychological development of the community as well as education, rehabilitation and other social services. These services help in shaping the personalities of the people and also the community. The work carried out here includes providing education, medical care, counseling and psychological support. Visit here for more information about mental health course online.

The last category is the category that falls in between the voluntary and the civil service category is the community service category. This category is used to deal with issues such as community health programs, welfare programs, child care programs, crime prevention and rehabilitation programs and so on. The work carried out in this category includes environmental conservation and so on. The work is usually done under the supervision of an educational institution or a charitable organization.

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