December 1, 2021

Video and Music Downloader For iPod, iPhone and Blackberry

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader and Extractor for the Mozilla Firefox is the most excellent way to watch videos online and listen to music. It offers the opportunity to watch and search videos from YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Popfly, Yahoo Video, Flickr Video, and more. You can view your favorite videos, especially those uploaded by famous Internet celebrities and artists, on the Internet quickly and easily. Furthermore, you will be able to listen to music tracks through the built in sound card with quality equalizer. YouTube Video and Audio Extractor is an ideal YouTube video and audio downloads and Extractor for the Mozilla Firefox.

The purpose of this Firefox add-on is to offer a high quality audio conversion of any audio file to a lossless format such as MP3. This is made possible thanks to the Advanced Audio Conversion (AAC). This feature is integrated in the Video And Audio Downloader. Let us know more information about

As a user, you can freely download and convert any audio file to lossless format with this software. If you are interested, you can use this free download add-on regardless of your position in the world. You do not have to use it only to watch videos online; you can also use it to play music files and convert video to lossless format. It is like having thousands of copies of any video or audio file saved in just one place.

When you are using this Firefox add-on, you can easily access and save thousands of videos and audio files. Just a few clicks are needed to start this process. You can choose from the many videos that are available for download. When you find the right video, just click on it to open it. At this point, you can make your selection by cropping, converting or deleting the part that you do not need anymore.

Advanced Audio Conversion is not only perfect for watching video and music files but you can also convert your own DVDs to MP3. All you need is to install this Firefox add-on and choose the format for the converted file. It will automatically detect the required format and will start the conversion process. In a few seconds, you can burn your favorite DVDs to CD or save them for listening enjoyment.

So, you see there are numerous things you can do with this powerful mini tool called “AAC Converter Plus.” The most interesting thing about it is that it is absolutely free! You can download this Firefox add-on and start enjoying your downloads at any time. It is always up-to-date so you can be sure that your favorite videos are safe no matter what. With the convenience this video and audio downloader offers, it is no wonder it is being used all over the web.

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