August 13, 2022

Watch Repair and Servicing Tips

If you have an expensive timepiece that you regularly wear, it may make sense to take it in for watch repairs and servicing on a regular basis. Of course, when you invest in an important piece of jewelry, it is going to last a long time. However, over time, watches can start to show wear and tear. If the crystal is scratched, or the bracelet is starting to fall apart, taking it in for a service may be a wise decision. Find out what kind of common repairs and servicing are available at affordable prices, so that you can keep your watch looking like new.

When you take your watch in for watch repairs and servicing, don’t be surprised if the staff are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Simple cleaning, simple repairs and battery changes can generally be done quite quickly at most local jewelers quite affordable. If you frequently wear your watch, such as on a daily basis or for special occasions, like a nice car, your watch deserves regular attention. Don’t put it off because you believe that your watch is indestructible.

Many times, watches need to be repaired for a variety of reasons. Maybe the strap has become slightly damaged, rendering the watch unwearable. Or maybe the movement inside the watch isn’t moving correctly, requiring a replacement. Other watches might need watch repair or watch servicing due to water damage, poor craftsmanship, or a variety of other reasons. Some watches, especially designer timepieces, might need repair or watch servicing because of malfunctions caused by corrosion, internal problems, or cracked dials.

If you are having a timepiece re-worked, your best bet will be a reputable dealer that specializes in watch repairs. You’ll want to find someone who’s been repairing high quality watches for many years. Your best choice might also be an independent watch repair shop because they can perform precision timepiece repair without using any special tools. Some independent watch repair shops also offer repairs at discounted prices.

There are many ways to evaluate the condition of your wristwatch, but in general vintage watches are easier to diagnose because they tend to display fewer signs of wear and tear. Wristwatches made of gold or silver are more easily checked for flaws. In most cases, if the movement of a vintage watch is not functioning, it will display one or more signs of damage. If you’re unsure of the exact condition of your wristwatch, you should send it to a qualified vintage watch repair professional so you can get it examined and professionally repaired if necessary.

If you have a new watch, you probably won’t need to worry about having it serviced because most watch manufacturers recommend that their watches to be serviced annually. Of course, you should find out why you should have your watch serviced during its first year of ownership. Some watches need to be examined more frequently due to problems with the mechanical movements and need to be maintained more closely. Always remember that by having your watch serviced regularly, it will help prolong its life and keep it performing at its best.

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